Creative Types are not all the Same

Janis Yee  

Let’s get one thing straight:
A Graphic Designer ? Contemporary Artist ? Interior Designer ? Industrial Designer ? Fashion Designer

I consider myself a professional Graphic Designer, even a Web Designer at heart.  But when someone asks me to pick out curtains to match their sofa based on a ‘professional opinion,’ that’s when I hesitate.  That’s like asking a fashion designer to do your business card – it doesn’t work.  The skill-sets between the professions actually do differ widely even though the output comes out of the same side of the brain. So when you hear that someone is a designer, please don’t assume it’s all the same.

Here are some common misconceptions:

Graphic Designer ? Contemporary Artist
A Graphic Designer is a person who creates visual design based on a set of predefined principals to express creative for client approval for use online, in print, or in environmental design. A Contemporary Artist will create art to express themselves, usually for sale as is. (Note: I did hear that the title of Graphic Designer was going to be renamed to Communication Designer for better clarity.)

Contemporary Artist ? Interior Designer
This is an obvious one.  An Artist will likely not be able to give you advice on those curtains either.

Interior Designer ?  Industrial Designer
One lays out furniture, and decor, and the other designs more ergonomic furniture.

Industrial Designer ? Fashion Designer
Honestly, i don’t think someone who can design your furniture can tell you what accessories work with what in your wardrobe.

Of course this article assumes said designer isn’t cross-trained.

If anyone owns the image credits to this tell me so I can credit you for this awesome graphic.
If anyone owns the image credits to this tell me so I can credit you for this awesome graphic.

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