Modell Printing

Janis Yee  

Company profile

Local, Canadian, Family-run Print shop in Vaughan, Ontario. This is my go-to print shop to which all of my print designs were made to life, including my personal wedding invitations.

Brand Values

Friendly and Approachable
Honesty and Integrity


  • Inspired by ink droplets
  • The use of one primary (blue) and one complementary (orange) colour brought the design up and out of the fixed CMYK colour scheme of other print shops.

Note: A 42 page detailed visual branding guide was also developed for this client.

Business Card

As print-work is their bread and butter, I decided to have some fun with their designs. The business card used 3 different methods requiring precise registration: Die-cut, Spot Gloss, as well as emboss.  The face of the card owner was graphically set in spot gloss effect.  Instead of an ordinary title, I developed several out of the box descriptive titles for each person.


The logo shape was carried through with the use of rounded corners, coupled with one square corner in the top right corner.


Their tri-fold brochure package requires die cut shapes to consistantly emphasize their visual brand. The pocket on the left contains the business card, as well as a few die-cut informational cards.  The central area was intended to contain a coupon or brochure leaflets.  The large logo shape on the right is intended to be their swatch book held together with a light aluminum bolt and screw at the top-right corner, to portray the different print methods they are capable of.

Website Design

  • Built to contain company information in an easy to read format.
  • Written in HTML and clean CSS

My Role

As Creative Director at a5Media, I was responsible for designing the look, feel, and brand of entire brand inception from concept and ideation to production.