Well Done Enflick!

Janis Yee  


This is a followup post to:

It all started with a visit to the Communitech Job Conference in Waterloo in the late summer of 2012. I was considering my prospects and came across a neat little company with fun people.  At the time I really wanted to work on mobile UI and sent them in my application for UI Designer. While at the conference, I tried to visit their site on my smartphone (Android Galaxy 2) but was taken aback by their lack of mobile experience.

In partial confusion, and partial noble sense of brand advocacy, I sent them a friendly letter which I can only assume was seen by Mr. Jon Halk in September 2012.

About 6 months later in March 2013, Enflick.com relaunched with a new responsive digital experience.

While I’m still hopeful that they would consider hiring me for their needs, I am just glad that they took their brand more seriously.

Well done, Enflick!

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